Blackheads Removal On The Nose For Lợi | Part 16 | Hang Oliver

Blackheads Removal On The Nose For Lợi | Part 16 | Hang Oliver

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💥 Blackheads Removal On The Nose For Lợi | Part 16 | Hang Oliver

🏆 Hang Oliver | Major Expertise: Removal acne and treat acne at the root. Tri pitted scars, keloids treatment. Cut the bottom of the scar, needle roller. Treatment of dark spots, pigmentation. Replace yeast glaze oriental medicine, beautify skin …

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  1. Spa Beauty Hang Oliver

    Hello friends. I wish you a happy and happy new day. Thank you for registering my channel! ❤️😀

  2. Yibo Pancake

    People need to do this. Cause blackheads are nasty

  3. YallFAKEWOKE!

    Can u please have English subtitles for your English speaking supporters? I feel it’s only fair since we are a big demographic who supports this channel . Thank you ❤️

  4. Nancy Zimmer

    But for the debris from your patients being put on your gloves, I would watch your work. I just cannot, ABSOLUTELY CANNOT, abide blackheads and pimple excretions being put on your gloves. Hook a 4 x 4 gauze pad around your wrist to wipe waste on. Anything other than your gloves. Won't be back.

  5. Sheryl Pehr

    The quality of this video is terrific. Thank you very much.

  6. Lisa Gonzales

    Please use a tissue instead of wiping the extract on the gloves. I don’t know why some estheticians do this. It’s so unsanitary.

  7. Ali Bebee

    I hate the cores on the gloves

  8. n. p.

    Ouch, under the nose has to be the most painful. Your camera work is some of the best in the business!

  9. Gloria Paddock

    Thank you for sharing this great video. The closeups were fantastic.👏🏼👏🏼💕💕

  10. Louise Keeton

    Those pops under the nose had to hurt!

  11. Chan Chan

    Good job but no suprise.

  12. Tobi Corey

    Thank you so much for sharing another great video.

  13. Nerine

    Wonderful video, such clear focus and really close up. Thank you!😊😊💕💕🙏🙏🌺🌺👏👏🇺🇸

  14. Debbie Chantry

    Amazing pops on the nose, loved it. Thanks for sharing xxx

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