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Bitcoin Bakkt EXPLODES! VISA, MasterCard, eBay, PayPal Leave Facebook Libra | Telegram SEC Trouble

#Bitcoin #Bakkt Trading Volume Suddenly Explodes
#Telegram must halt sale of its crypto token due to an SEC emergency restraining order

#Visa, #Mastercard, #Ebay and others exit #Facebook’s #Libra #Cryptocurrency Group


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  1. Morris TV

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  2. Chris Cintron

    i dont like libra either but i am rooting for them, if they get this thing off the ground itll be easier to pass bitcoin regulation going forward

  3. Наше деревенское хозяйство

    I provide a 100% guarantee that in a year Telegram coin will enter the TOP of 5 coins of coinmarketcap. Buy them while there is an opportunity to get them at ICO price on gram-ton. com

  4. chrisiden

    i think paypal and mastercard visa will b coming out with their own coin soon and dont want to produce a coin that sounds like astrology from face-crook

  5. валентин грицун

    At one time bitcoin costed 10 $! Just look how much does it cost now) the Telegram GRAM token price is 1 dollar now! I assure you that it will repeat the fate of bitcoin and demonstrate an improbable growth! I advise to buy it while the going is good newgram. info

  6. Лучшие краны по сбору сатош

    I succeeded to buy 2500 Telegram tokens gram-ton .com I hope they will help me to buy a new automobile this year)

  7. trexia XRP

    Such an incredible conversation between @FoxBusiness's @LizClaman and @Ripple's @bgarlinghouse. A great primer on #cryptocurrency and where the industry is going. If you missed it, you can replay the livestream here: #ECNYRipple

  8. trexia XRP

    @Ripple to Bring Blockchain Technology to @FinastraFS' Banking Customers
    @ForbesCrypto @Crypto @FoxBusiness @coinbase @binance @cz_binance @CNBCFastMoney @YahooFinance @CNNBusiness $BTC $XRP $ETH $LTC @DigitalAssets @Fidelity @realDonaldTrump @APompliano

  9. ThomasConservative

    The moral of the story… just use the coins that are already in the space…. If facebook had just made a crypto wallet… nobody could say no to that because there are already tons of wallets… but they couldn't do it, they couldn't just be helpful… they had to control…. they forgot an important old saying 🙂 "The hand that rocks the cradle, is the hand that rules the world."

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