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BEST VLOGGING CAMERA UNDER 300? Panasonic Lumix TZ90 4K TEST VIDEO / PHOTOS + Hands On Review

Exclusive 5% off all purchases over £100 for Marlon Vlogger Subscribers, see below. Best vlogging Camera for £300/$300 with 4K video? The Panasonic LumixTZ90 has a lot to offer. Let’s see what the video and photos look like from it.

Photos taken on TZ90:


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Canon G7x Mark III Review

Exclusive 5% off all purchases over £100 for Marlon Vlogger Subscribers at Campkins Cameras based in Cambridge UK with the following Voucher: AN5JTGN9
01223 368087

To find out the specification of this camera and a comparison with the Sony HX99 and Canon SX740 hs please watch:

The Lumix TZ90 is around the same size as the Canon G7X mark II but nearly a couple of hundred cheaper in price plus offers 4k which the G7X mark II does not.

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  1. Marlon King

    I'm excited to offer an exclusive 5% off all purchases over £100 at Campkins Cameras for Marlon Vlogger Subscribers, see description for more details.

  2. Pedro Lopes

    Very interesting camera. Thanks for sharing this review. I'm personally not a fan of compact cameras, but really enjoyed this review. The various situations evaluted on this video seem to wrap up the main questions a buyer would have prior to committing to a purchase. Nice!

  3. Andy's Diary

    Marlon coming through with the review video 👊 been looking into smaller cameras for vlogging so I don't have to mess around with my cannon. Didn't even consider this one so this video is well timed 😁 cheers dude

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