ALL NARUTO Games For PLAYSTATION (2003-2014)


  1. Davi e cleonys caracarai


  2. Devil Jho

    Choice mighty guy then setting to unlimited chakra and push down,down,circle…..😁

  3. Galo Arizaga

    Your missing some games

  4. Farhan Ffgg

    Ahhmm… first day 2020

  5. Moekyaw Aung

    Link please

  6. Aurahh

    Was 6 years old when i was playing ultimate ninja 4 and dbz budokai tenkaichi 3 on the ps2 😭

  7. Igor Oliveira

    Ultimate ninja 5 a classic. They could remake it w better grafics

  8. dad of devil

    from where i can buy it all this games??

  9. Grfjdbs Bsbf



  10. Felipe Mello

    Naruto ultimate ninja 4 ps2 o que me da mais nostálgica

  11. Javier Carballo Legorburu

    Like si lo estas viendo en 2027

  12. Rivalda Fatahrachman

    semua indah pada masanya (all beautiful in his time


  13. D N Alam


  14. yunggenocide

    Anyone else had Uzumaki Chronicles?

  15. carlitoscrazy **gacha**

    Soy el único que habla español ¡-¡ nadie más
    Ok ¡-¡

  16. Keyzar 22

    I have Ultimate Ninja Storm4 in my PS4 it was good

  17. wal imb

    26 december 2019

  18. Sabda Kamil

    Ani won 2019

  19. Nelson Maciel

    Xbox 360 have the 2 exclusives best Naruto open world games on it.

  20. legendary fetus

    Ultimate Ninja Storm 69420 is the best game

  21. Gustavo Nascimento silva

    Os storm só funcionam no ps3 é?

  22. Sam A

    Dragon Ball super héros

  23. Trayvon Peter

    Spoiler storm four came out

  24. Wicho Old Gen

    The Storm 2 and 3 was the best but the Revolution is good too

  25. maximo caseres

    I played the last one of the ps2 games, and replayed the history a lot, I remember I spent a week fighting against Sasori, and the transformation of naruto before the battle with orochimaru was epic, then I had to fight angry naruto and was like, "It was good while it lasted"
    After another week the only battles that gave me trouble were Sai and Sasuke's being the fight with Sai the harder one.
    Now that I remembe in the secret place of Orochimaru there was a room that I couldn't enter.
    I gotta replay the game again.

  26. Rizaldy Verico Arfianto

    Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles 2 😙 sudah tamat lengkap juga punyaku ninjanya juga

  27. edi andriana

    naruto like monopoly

  28. Shallman

    What!? no naruto barrage on gameboy?!


    In the Ultimate Ninja 5 game, completing missions to get little Sasuke is very difficult and full of patience

  30. SyahmiHensem

    we all know harem jutsu didnt work on sasuke

  31. TPS Ghost

    BRASIL alguém

  32. Lucas Barros


  33. Jerry Agus Salim

    storm revolution is not the last storm series, storm 4 it is

  34. Ray Osman

    PSP naruto games where surely unique

  35. potsawat saelim


  36. Nina Moeth

    Ps2 i have all

  37. •DarkMatu• uwu

    2019 :')

  38. Jiraiya 1993

    nice video, i love it.
    my channel is for 2 anime games, naruto and one piece, subscribe to my channel, a lot of news soon and nice games 😀

  39. Readorione 7 alv

    My favorite is the storm 4 :3

  40. Tiana Pettitt

    The ninja storm games really made me the Naruto Shippuden fan I am today

  41. um depressivo solitário

    Dois anos dps desse vídeo lanço o melhor naruto kk

  42. supermegabosstea

    Not all of them

  43. othmane ksikes

    I love how the ps2 games special abilities are throwing knifes but in the end its about half planet destruction i miss old days

  44. MsPakati '

    5:36 Omgg

  45. محمد اسامه

    Storm 3 is the best

  46. In the Ed

    I was love ultimate when I was 8 years old Naruto Kyuubi chakra awakening made better my kid's day.

  47. Sandi doang

    Naruto ninja strom 4 beast

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