Alan Walker (DJ-set) | SLAM! MixMarathon XXL @ ADE 2018

Alan Walker (DJ-set) | SLAM! MixMarathon XXL @ ADE 2018

WE LOVE MUSIC! SLAM! – Music is the place to be for live sets played by the best DJ’s of the moment. On this channel you can enjoy DJ-sets played in the SLAM! Studio, played on SLAM! Kingsday and played at the Amsterdam Dance Event. Whether you like EDM, house, urban, trap or hardstyle, this channel is the perfect pre-party of your night out. Beside that we’ve asked the most talented producers to teach you how to produce a track.

That ain’t all. Beside SLAM! – Music we have three other (Dutch) channels.

SLAM! – Radio
SLAM! – Series
SLAM! – Juize

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  1. Hann a

    I know the entire lyrics of every single song of him 🙂 I love him he brings me so much peace and joy to my life ❤️

  2. Susmita Das

    Oh what a enjoy and performance.

  3. Mawi mawia Lalrinmawia

    Alan walker good DJ I love him💖💖💖💖

  4. Andreia Moreira

    Deus preparou me muito bem para isto 🙏


    Hi I love your Music

  6. M. Hafizul Rafli


  7. Hriata Vanlalhriatpuia


  8. Rowshon Akhter

    i like it

  9. DJ Patrick Gamer


  10. DJ Patrick Gamer

    Sky – Alan Walker (Unreleased)

  11. Shrikant Dhawale

    Studio idea very nice I like it also ADE watch & channel👌


    He is the best

  13. Rika Silvana Safitri

    I love 3000 alan walker 😍

  14. Rosalyn Amber

    good mood when l heard you songs…l feel young…
    feeling inlove..

  15. lionheart shillong

    😍😍😍Love Alan Walker😘😘😘

  16. Jazmin Porras

    Like si amas su musica y a el 😎😍😇😘

  17. jaymark legaspi

    alan walker >< ThE bEsT Dj wooo :}

  18. Jonpolshan Shangpliang

    My dj my best awesome people

  19. Maria Fiorellino

    T💙A🌻N💙C🌻K 💙Y🌻O💙U🌻……where are you Now. …lavoro eccellente…

  20. Maria Fiorellino

    Very emotional. …thank you…wowwwwwwwww

  21. Maria Fiorellino


  22. Eduardo Rodriguez


  23. Angy Gonzalez

    Like si te gusta Alan walker

  24. Azulina Walker

    Tu Alan Walker serás el mejor DJ todos los qué escribieron como yo somos unos Walkers de Corazón😍 Siempre te vamos apoyar hermoso☺

  25. Mozibur Rahman

    Love you alan walker from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  26. Kenny Ross

    The best song ever i love it and love your videos i love it

  27. Renzy Gaming

    hello idol i want me to dj like you:)

  28. Emiliano Roche

    😃 👌 👍

  29. ashok kumar

    Am I right like PLEASE

  30. ashok kumar

    Alan walker is legend

  31. taiyang gu

    Alan Walker brings us passion and dreamy music,Thanks you Alan !!

  32. Ирина Богданова


  33. Ramaedebes Edebes

    i levo u matap kali woy mari kita ber goyang

  34. iqon 3000

    Alan Walker its very fantasic dj. I love Alan Walker music.

  35. catastrofes Capula


  36. 「Misuchiw」 -


  37. Arnold Harry

    Walkers join 😎😎😎🤘🤘🎵😎🎶🔉🔉🔉for 🔉🗣🗣🔉🔉🔉life🎼🔉😎🗣📶❤️😼

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