Age of Wonders: Planetfall – REVIEW (PC) – Cosmic Customization

Age of Wonders: Planetfall – REVIEW (PC) – Cosmic Customization

After 40+ hours played, how does this space Age of Wonders hold up? Age of Wonders: Planetfall review! (PC)


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  1. Chris G


  2. Michael Thorton

    explain why i should sub, you never around?

  3. Crushing It

    To me Age of Wonders Shadow Magic is still the best AoW title out there. Love to see what new comers to the series think of that older title

  4. harrythebarry

    trash tier game

  5. cpudude30k

    Always enjoy your reviews! Glad to see you still chipping at the ol' youtube grindstone.

  6. medieeevil

    your review of Age of Wonders 3 is what made me pick that game up, been waiting paitently for 2 days for my copy of Planetfall to arrive, should be here tomorrow cant wait to play. Keep up the good work

  7. IntrinsicPalomides

    05:31 – tell me about it bro…oh you mean in game, got ya.

  8. Ugly Cactus

    The building part is definitely weak. Which is a shame imo, building stuff is fun

  9. Architectural Aesthetics

    glad to see another review from you Haas. Your rpg/strategy games reviews are the best on this platform. Other review channels may excel in video production value, but they rarely have your insights when it comes to evaluating the story/character creation/class balance, etc.

  10. Alfie2609

    Now that's a name I haven't seen in my sub box in a long time….

  11. Fors

    Good to see you again!

  12. HaasGaming

    It's been AGES since I last positively reviewed a game. It's a WONDER I still knew how to. HEH.


  13. NekoDZ

    It truly is an age of wonder with Haas finally releasing another review. 😜

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