Age of Empires IV New Gameplay Details & AOE2 Definitive Edition Review

Age of Empires IV New Gameplay Details & AOE2 Definitive Edition Review

This is a quick look at Age OF Empires II Definitive Edition and the New Age of Empires IV Gameplay from XO19 – sorry I’m a bit late with this, but wanted to talk about it!
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  1. trueblueclue

    4:11 AoE4

  2. SGT DishWasher

    I see Game of Thrones siege tactics….Men outside the wall?XD

  3. Frederick P.

    I'm kind of disappointed they didnt try to make it ww1 ww2 and modern warfare.

  4. Corina 89

    oh so they want to destroy AOE!, just like Stronghold 2,3,4,5whatever.. or Civ6.. Relic isnt relic anymore

  5. burningphoneix

    MS announces AOE4
    Me: That's good!
    MS announces COH2 director is working on it
    Me:Oh That's bad!
    MS announces AOE2 Definitive edition
    Me:That's good!
    Online Multiplayer is borked
    Me:That's bad!
    MS announces AOE now has a more cartoony style
    MS: That is also bad.
    Me: Can I go play Halo on Steam now?

  6. Corina 89

    aoe4 looks terrible, is that mobile game? just compare it with aoe2, its look like Civilization VI.. that is game on my ipad for my kids.. not serious PC game..

  7. Hobbs Charles

    They should've continued AOE 3 ended. The beginning of the 20th Century, WWI, and a bit after. But I'm still looking forward to this game.

  8. chris

    cant wait to play this

  9. Syed Siddiq

    The return of the best game ever!

  10. Emil Lemberg

    I dont understand why they cant do it esthetic and violent as it should be and as it where made to be. I would rather have nice looking buildings almost artistic and a lot of blood that will disturb the those nice looks then the shit in AE4.
    That way the player can choose if they want to build or if they want to make a real blood bath, a win win.
    But with that shit graphic up there how can you do any of those two things? For Gods sake Age of Empire where made for violence and citybuilding, and now you cant do either of them…

  11. Storm Rider

    Where are the Illyrian civilasation and Epirus , Achaea ? ? ?

  12. Peter Šebela

    RepublicOfPlay: I like that AOE 4 looks kids friendly
    Also RepublicOfPlay: I WANT BLOOOOD!!!

    Love the content man, thanks.

  13. Big B

    OMG can't WAIT!! * Drooools *

  14. Powermove Squadron

    looks like diablo 3 overly satured cartoon shit graphics. Diablo 4 learned where they went wrong. Guess I'll be sticking to aoe2 and waiting for aoe 5 in 10 years.

  15. TechyMark

    Depending on how AoE 4 turns out I may want to see Microsoft commission a developer to remake Rise of Nations. Going from nomads to a nuclear superpower was one of my favorite things to do. I still fire up Rise of Nations from time to time.

  16. Sagittarius

    It looks way too cartoony for me :/

  17. Daimster01

    I really loved AoE then i started playing Stronghold Crusader 2 but that game so laggy, looking forward to the next AoE 🙂

  18. Armando

    They should blend in those team colors more, it kind of ruins the models tbh, the walls look very weird with that blue line running across it, as does most of the buildings, i feel like AoE2 did it better, it blends in better with the buildings, its just a shame imo.

    Look at the trailer again and imagine that huge blue line gone, it would look way more immersive and "realistic".

  19. 1000 YAG.

    I really dont see any cartoony stuff in AoE4

  20. azhar shaikh

    2021 is so far

  21. Ernst Schmidt

    me: AoE IV? finally we reached the world wars?
    devs: nope, it's AoE II but *better*

  22. EPIC3947

    Well love the stronghold alot though

  23. Ktk Noks

    AOE 4 will redefine the RTS strategy genre again. Hopefully. On another note, I’m waiting for AOM DE. Hope they didn’t forget this gem.

  24. Aurora

    It's not cartoonish style, just saturated colors. But, there's always mods for that.

  25. corny capri


  26. severdnerv

    Why does no1 talk about the elevated terrain? i love that but no1 seems to talk about it

  27. wha gtg

    AOE2 HD Remastered Very Very Definitive Edition looks good

  28. GoldenDwarf07

    I am pretty sure aoe 4 factions are going to be like aoe 3 asian and native american dlc factions but in age 2 time period.

  29. nikola pavlovic

    i was hoping more after 15 years 4 me its more like a mobile game in 2019 and it will be 60 $

  30. benis

    >no blood
    arghh fuck this new zoomer era of gaming

  31. ShadowBandit39

    still disappointed at no collusion mechanics….

  32. Kevin Pastor

    Im from the Philippines and I really wanted to get a copy or purchase AoE2 for my laptop.. . Help please

  33. Kushal Shrestha

    will it come in ps4?

  34. David Quezada

    BRO theres always an EAGLE flying around in all AOE games xD

  35. David Quezada

    Not gameplay but in-game engine
    So lies

  36. Snowflake Hunter

    Don't forget they still have AoE 3 DE to release in the next years or so. And AoE 4 need more time to release.

  37. akárki

    This not Xbox game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pfffffffffffff

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