Ace (JiHyo) and Chmpion (JongKook) Get Selected as Usual~! [Running Man Ep 439]


  1. Rosé Petals

    KJK likes Jihyo because if not he will get along with them but instead he is very shy. I like them

  2. Jih Gabrielle

    Ha Ha knows Jong Kook very well. Could it be that the reason why he's teasing them is that he knows JK likes SJH but can't express it? Oooohh ~

  3. Chaeyoung Loves BLINKS

    It's not even suprising they got chosen 😂

  4. momo ring

    i am only seeing this? or not cause jihyo and jungkook always close to each other?

  5. Nur Syada

    What is title of song at 2:38?

  6. Baby Phat

    Damn, i miss this group. Ysc and kjk just focus to jsm nowadays, and sjh barely got screen time. Unless she's involved in game, other member don't even talk to her.


    Anyone notice the change in colour

  8. Hardcore ExoL

    Okay from my own perspective, kookie and jiyo only treat each other as friend's, they don't really have any feelings for each other and it's obvious. I can't wait for them, to get married to the love of their life tbh.

  9. Thomas Benito

    Haha should be the role model for all wingmans out there HAHAHA

  10. Farah Izzah

    1:59 jongkook reach for jihyo's hand 🤣


    Haha still tease jongkook and jihyo even after losing 😂😂😂😂😂 as expected from the president of spartace fanclub

  12. Crazy Friends

    Haha's face when he said green

  13. Nhật Linh Nguyễn

    I support this loveline
    But Jihyo unnie said that they suppose to be brothers each other :((

  14. Hck Brcks

    Anyone knows the bgm when they ship SJH and KJK? (2:35). I need to know.

  15. KieveFrance Pagcaliwagan

    Whenever I see Se Chan he reminds me of Loco🤣😍

  16. CheeseSticks

    I don't know why, but when I see jongkook smiling genuinely. Oh that feels good.

  17. Kim Kim

    JK and Jhyo unnie make a perfect business couple

  18. Gel Parado

    i want to know the background music waaah

  19. Camssey Orillo

    I think they know of their relationship already. It's so cute i love spartace ❤️

  20. Dyra Diyana

    JongKook hold hand jihyo while she was laugh n pull jkook hand.. how sweet

  21. Lee Anhh Hiếuu


  22. Kaela Estiva


  23. Jenny Cici


  24. Mosope Ariyibi

    I swear these two are already dating and the cast and crew already know

  25. MLandFel cHIckEn

    Haha Being the biggest shipper of spartace 😂

  26. Shadow Gamer

    Did the cloth just change its colour or is it just my eyes playing tricks on me?????

  27. Keisha Dimatulac

    it saddened me when they stop teasing the two these past episodes, i think they were asked to stop it. I really like ji hyo and jk together. I’m hoping too that ji hyo will get more screen time than so min because she is irritating everyone with her fake actions

  28. sincerelyselene

    That actually happened twice in a row. Donghoon complained that maybe that’s why the viewers think the show is scripted. Because Jihyo and Jongkook are ALWAYS lucky 😂

  29. Erica Lopio Talucod

    pano to? huhuhuhuhu I SUPPORT SPARTACE NAAAAA

  30. Shin A.

    They might not end up with each other but at least they made us happy 😢

  31. dahmin luv


  32. Kevin Chang

    I think they are really dating. Change my mind.

  33. PandaPoop

    LOL what are the chances, aye? Spartace lucky as usual

  34. Rowa 4444

  35. sawako lucia


  36. alyh ndzrh

    OMG jihyo and jungkook really cute and so sweet I like it 😍😍

  37. cik bakal mayat

    No more Monday Couples but now Spartace 😍

  38. Master Dono

    So I'm back to watching Running Man..
    What changed?

  39. Neko_bold

    The noodle tasted like victory and love 😇

  40. T. Arianna

    Their luck are superb. Perfect couple, perfect partner.

  41. Line Manuia

    From the states and I just love Korean variety shows and dramas and kpop😂😂😂

  42. Naomi Pandi

    running man always the best show ever!!! keep it up!

  43. S J

    Song Jihyo Reveals Which Running Man Members Perfect Enough as a Husband

  44. silversunstar18

    I love our Spartace fan club president Haha and how he works tirelessly to give us these moments lol

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