A (Very) Quick Review of River City Girls (PS4/Xbox/Switch/PC)

A (Very) Quick Review of River City Girls (PS4/Xbox/Switch/PC)

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  1. Michael Coffey

    Looks like a fun side scroller beat em up and got to love any game done well with couch co op 🙂 Appreciate the spotlight on this title.

  2. RoCKbOy245

    I'm planning on picking this one up soon. I've been a Kunio-Kun fan a long time ago and this one interests me. It reminds me of a Super Famicom game where Misako and Kyoko were first introduced in the series.

  3. Daddy Trump

    I’ll definitely pick this up on Switch and Steam!

  4. matt fahringer

    i am not really a fan of the RCR series. but this might make me become one. glad i decided to take a chance on the game

  5. Mark's Reviews

    Beat em ups never get old, love them. Have you played Raging Justice ?

  6. Quick Look n Teardown

    Reminds me of Bare Knuckle on the Mega Drive

  7. kudisgod

    This game isn't even listed on GOG, Steam, Epic, or PSN. What's going on here?

  8. Nicholas William

    I've been looking for this on the PSN is not there didn't see it, anyone know what time it releases today on PSN?

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