A Review of Yakuza Kiwami 2 (PC)

A Review of Yakuza Kiwami 2 (PC)

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In which I take a look at the recently released port of Yakuza Kiwami 2 on PC and discuss how the seemingly minor changes made from Yakuza 6 ripple out to affect every element of Kiwami’s design—in particular it’s fantastic story.

Intro text animation by Draz:

Remaster trailer footage from devilleon7, a great source for Yakuza content:

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  1. Zombobo Smith

    It's difficult to explain the joy of playing a Yakuza game. It's only because Yakuza kiwami was free on psn that i played it, and found that i loved it. I love watching kamurocho change through the years

  2. Malau

    My second video of yours, after Sleeping Dogs. Why did Youtube recommendations hide you away for so long ?! You have a new subscriber.

  3. kokoo tv

    is there any gay option (like gay sex,kissing or gay parlor or any other gay thing in this game

  4. oBOKSTERo x

    No more kiwamis?? What? I didnt knew this and its very sad.

  5. dreziv

    I can't help but feel like this ignores how terrible the plot of this game was. Saying "It's a great plot, the buff men still rip their shirts off" is very dismissive of the way that new fans like me felt about Zero. Zero built up this idea that these games had good plots, and so far as got me to buy Kiwami 1 and Kiwami 2, expecting another great story, but getting contrived nonsense.
    Remember that time the Chinese kidnap Haruka in 1? And so Kiryu heads over and beats them all up, and you have a boss fight with Sword Man? What about that other boss, Two Gun Man, who kills off characters that are barely mentioned again?
    Yakuza 2 was hyped up to me as where the series truly got it's identity, and yet the plot is mind numbing in the way that I feel like I am only expected to pay attention when the buff men's shirts come off, and everything else is secondary. Kaoru bounces between talking like a hardass cop and acting like useless set dressing so frequently that it's ridiculous. She could have been T-posing the whole game and it wouldn't have made it seem like she was physically doing less than she actually does.
    Fuck, it's been a while, but at the end, don't Kiryu and Ryuji lock her out of their battle arena by closing the door of an industrial elevator with her on the other side of it? This elevator that should for no reason be impossible to open the doors of? And she just sorta crumples over and gives up on saving either of them.

  6. kenlon

    Welp. You just sold me Kawami/Kawami 2.

    You bastard.

  7. Cesar Al

    Good sequel but Yakuza Kiwami and Yakuza 6 the song of life are the best yakuzas, also Yakuza 4

  8. Warrick Sears

    Your reviews are so on point. Like a pole up a street thugs a&%e.

  9. kurisu7885

    I definitely prefer Kiwami 2's combat system, I love throwing people into stuff, or off the bridge in Sotenbori.

  10. sufyan sharif

    2:10 Kawami 2

  11. Raphael Donatello Journalism, Film Productions

    I remember playing Yakuza 2 on playstation 2. Picked it up at block buster and it was one of the best gaming decisions I made. I like all the kiwami games. They seem to be clones if each other which is awesome because the graphics are awesome and the formula's great. The storyline reminds me of the Out Rage movies. These games make you want to go to Japan

  12. DeanExile

    Too bad my pc is crying while playing this game

  13. Pete HrapStick

    Been with this series since 2006 mein.

  14. Wiiplayah43

    The combat was pared down to emphasize impact? …Sorry dude, but that's completely off the mark. They couldn't make the combat as complex because they were starting over with a new engine.

  15. I Watson

    I'd say John wick is the Yankee kiryu

  16. K24

    Best story for Kiryu

  17. ArkaynAdrian

    I agree with Kiwami style remakes of 3, 4 and 5 BUT for every Ryu Ga Kotoku nerd like myself who'd buy it I don't Sega would break even on the expenditure. That and once I finished Kiwami 2 (hence all of them inc Dead Souls spin off) I was done.
    There have been a lot released close together and you risk burning the formula as is considering Judgement is still a similar style game in concept.

  18. ArkaynAdrian

    "Kiryu is the Japanese John Wick" – clicked like and share right then and there.

  19. Benji Price

    I wish they kept the old fighting styles though.

  20. Kahalagano 00

    I loved Kiwami 2. Is there going to be a third one on PC?

  21. meeperino yes

    I was sad there was no different fighting styles but it's still fun

  22. Happy Raven

    YAKUZA 0 The Pier Soothing Sounds

  23. Shady

    I admire kiryu so much as a man. i want to be more like him. he really is a hooligan with the heart of gold

  24. Bob Blanton

    This game was my most anticipated game for 2017!!!!😁👍👍


    The Yakuza series has the best story lines I have EVER played in a video game.

  26. Nikola Petrović

    I pirated 0, kiwami and kiwami 2 and could not finish any of them. The games are just so damn boring.

  27. WhatTheGyx

    I myself would prefer a Yakuza 3,4 and 5 remaster because I never had a PS3. I want to experience them as they were back then just with the higher resolution now.

  28. Revolver Ocelot

    >Ki whammy


  29. Blizz DeKay

    As someone who started the franchise with the pc releases I really dislike the fighting aspect in Kiwami 2 in comparison to Yakuza 0 or even 1. I didn't do every side mission to the fullest in 0 to unlock Legend both for Kiryu and Majima but I know those exist but the characters were already extremely fleshed with their 3 fight styles. In Kiwami 2 unlocking basic stuff is essential to make the fights at least tolerable.

  30. MAR21 FTSP

    It possible pc get 3-6 series? I didn't really care yakuza 3-5 not got kiwami version i just want play all series

  31. SIMPLE VIEW CLAN kansai

    The perfect goat talkin about goat too

  32. Mick Saladin

    ah yes hostess club manager 2 amazing game second only to hostess club manager zero!

  33. Axlei

    Kiwami storywise was a great game, it had lots of content to play around in, the only problem I have with the game was the removal of the battle styles which made the game seem so much more boring. In Yakuza 0 and Kiwami 1 I skipped only a very few battles, but in Kiwami 2 I noticed skipping tons of battles, and only due to the fact that the battles felt boringly same all the time, even after unlocking new abilities for Kiryu

  34. Nilanjan Banerjee

    I'm currently playing Yakuza 0 ( I know that I'm late) and I'm blown away….it's easily one of the best game of the generation along with bloodborne, DS3,Witcher 3 the hearts of stone dlc and Shadow of the collosus remake…. Y0 is my first Yakuza game and I can't decide what to buy next…kiwami 1 and 2 or the brand new IP judgement coz I'm short of money….any help will be appreciated(suggestions)

  35. Micky Vega

    Hey i dropped a like but haven't watched it as i've not cleared it yet but im sure its as good and as informative as your others.. Keep up the good work man

  36. Derp Mcderpinton

    "Recently brought to the PC" Disables motion blur*


  37. jaysanj152

    Despite all this.
    The game is unfairly Underrated and Underappreciated.
    The entire series is a AAA builted Masterpiece and GOTY worthy.
    Its one of THE true definitive Video game franchise out there.
    Truely Sucks that people compares this to GTA and some nowadays even go far to ask if it has Battle royale mode which gives me temporary heart cancer.

  38. TheMetalHeadbangger

    I liked 6 well enough but the combat was bit of a let down for me. because they had new engine there were only one style whit few moves. winch you do over and over again. and side quest not so compelling. story was solid as f.
    i hold Y zero as an best in the series. it nailed in mind everything. Kiwami 2 was better 6 but still suffer under a bit at same problems thou side quests were better. i am looking forward to Judgement they showed they had at least 2 styles there so it is coming along nicely. hopefully they add styles more and more as games come. Story in typical Yakuza fashion is gonna be great as usual.

    i disagree whit you on point Y3-5 re-release, somewhat at least. yes i would like to see them in dragon engine but not of the cost of those styles and perhaps other content they would have to do again and i know something would be lost in that mix. because Yakuza games are developed way too fast. look at the time span we got these games and how many we got including Fist of the north star. it is not long. to make these on dragon engine too fast i think would result in half baked games. i rather let them focus whit dragon engine on new games to give them as much time and attention they can. so they will become more richer in side-quest and combat plus story wise.

  39. mjc0961

    0:02 – Underrated scene. Why can't I find a GIF of this?

  40. Birdy Pigeon

    I know I sound weird…
    So I played Zero and Kiwami using pads, it's fun but my veins are rooted in mouse and keyboard

    In Kiwami 2 they refined this !
    I feel like that blessed CDPR touch, smooth M & S controls on my fingers, flowing through my body

    I'm just happy they did this, thanks SEGA

  41. Charlie Milroy

    The worst part of Kiwami 2, apart from the clearly reduced budget and unvoiced sub stories, was that you couldn't watch that drinking an animation directly from the vending machine. Sure, there is a mechanical advantage, but why not let us have the option to drink it right then? I really hope they change it back.

  42. MonkeyShinesu

    The whole ending scene was stupid. Yakuza 0 is the best in the series.

  43. Lordshemp

    I can't really say I agree with your assessment of the Dragon Engine. Sure, it looks nice, but the performance on consoles is pretty bad and the over-reliance on physics makes combat a much clunkier affair than in the later PS3 era titles.

  44. TheLPRnetwork

    i always jump back and forth between yakuza 0 and Kiwami 2 for my favourite.
    in one hand Kiwami 2 has the best stuff and was the turning point for the franchise.
    While Zero was such an amazing introduction with an original story that filled in many blanks.

  45. In/Frame/Out

    The greatest money shot of all time at 3:22

  46. Isaias Vargas

    Kiwami 2 is my favourite Yakuza, I’ve just played Kiwami and 6 but holy shit, the story, the world and all the side content is incredible, that club mini game, best mini game ever. This is the game that made really love the franchise, waiting for the remasters of the other games and obviously, judgement in a few weeks.

  47. Aurachi

    Okay but Mahjong…


    Hyperbithero and Thegamingbrit are gonna be so mad haha

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