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5 Types of Awesome Glass Made by Nature

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When it comes to sparkly objects, the planet Earth has a lot to offer. Here are 5 especially awesome glasses made by nature!

Hosted by: Michael Aranda

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  1. SciShow

    Geography fail! In the section on moldavite, the star on the map is over Moldova. It should actually be over the Moldau River in the Czech Republic.

  2. Kyle Lawrence

    I love your stuff and I have learned a lot from your channel. My one ask is for you to invest more in visuallly describing the ideas you are dicussing. I see a lot of words flashed on screen that could benefit from some visual aids. A picture IS worth 1,000 words.

  3. Matej Gagyi

    There is no Czechoslovakia… for about 27 years! Moldava is a region in the Czech Republic, next to the German borders. If any Slovakians come to read this, Moldava region is different from the town "Moldava nad Bodvou", which is located in Slovak republic about 800km to the east.

  4. route2666

    Talking about glass, could you guys talk about trinitite (nuclear glass made after the trinity nuclear tests) minerals like chernobylite and the potential for nuclear waste containment by using glass/making more inert glasses? I've watched nearly all of sci-show's episodes and love your channel. Thank you for all you guys do to bring science to the masses!

  5. Leopardmask

    Wow, I didn't know opals were a type of glass! Considering their appearance, though, it makes perfect sense, and maybe I just didn't make the connection. Heck, I have an aunt who makes glass jewelry that sometimes looks like opal!

  6. Trap Daily

    One my uncle's used to let us play with his obsidian collection he gathered near the volcano in Mexico city. Taught me how Aztecs made weapons from this glass . Pretty cool stuff

  7. Dizzi

    Your voice is so soothing. I've been having a lot of difficulties with my mental health lately, which makes it harder for me to sleep, and this video is helping (that's not me saying it's boring, because I do find the topic of gems fascinating, but because your voice is so relaxing, it's helping me calm down). Thank you.

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