5 Things That My Nikon D750 Does Better Than My Z6 for Real Estate Photography

5 Things That My Nikon D750 Does Better Than My Z6 for Real Estate Photography

In this video I will discuss some of the reasons why my Nikon Z6 has fallen a bit short compared to my 3 year old Nikon D750.
I have been using the Nikon Z6 in my real estate photography business since I received the brand new 14-30mm F4 lens back in April 2019. Since then I have found five specific things that worked better with my D750 and 14-24mm F2.8 lens then with my new Z6 with 14-30mm F4 lens. All of these are issues for me, some small and some a bit bigger and I have work arounds for a couple. Overall the Nikon Z6 is an excellent camera and probably the best professional full frame mirrorless systems launch body that any manufacturer has made so far (The Panasonic S1 though is probably on par and possibly slightly better 😉) and it has found a permanent place in my professional photography kit.

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I’ve been shooting real estate photos since 2005 and I’ve run my own business full time since 2007. I hope you enjoy these videos as its one of my passions as a professional photographer to help train and coach people who are considering a career in photography for the benefit of all.

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  1. JBLfanNL

    Hi – There is a workaround: Go to the i-menu and choose DLY (Delay: 0,5 to 3 seconds) and press OK.
    Until revoked then each exposure has your chosen delay. It is not cancelled by the time-out.
    The only thing different from the selftimer is that the green signaling lamp will not blink, and the delay is limited to 3 seconds. Hope this helps

  2. Capture Project One

    Crying over spilled milk. Cant believe you made a 13:34 video over your stated issues. I had D750 and now shoot with Z6 and wouldn't look back plus if your only taking photo's and no video, you should be using Z7, 45.7MP FX-Format BSI CMOS sensor with a viewfinder resolution of 3,690,000 Dot. Lets talk about the S lens matched with Z or Z7. No comparison over the F mount. Yeah F lens is good but the S lens are much sharper corner to corner with auto focus much faster. I get it, your S lens doesn't exist so use the adapter. The viewfinder in the D750 sucks and that's why you use BKT.

  3. mneedes2

    You can also repurpose the red "video record" button to something else when in stills mode.

  4. Daniel Dunnum

    You know, something you might want to consider is using Snap bridge instead of your 2 second timer on your Z camera. It is much more robust than it was before and besides that it will give you instant 2meg jpeg files as backup on your phone. You also get the tap to focus function. It really is pretty slick for tripod shots and it is much more reliable than it was… at least with my android phone. Than you do not need the delay at all. You can also make adjustments to Aperture, shutter and ISO from the phone. Just a thought.

  5. Ben Conner

    I feel u on the drivemode timer issue. Small but significantly annoying for tripod shooting

  6. Aaron O'Brien

    Surely you’d have researched these things before buying?

  7. 不思議のトマ

    Of course comparing the camera with two differences lenses.
    I owned the D750, it is a toy colored to the z6.

  8. Frank Luo

    Can't help wondering, why on earth you need 2sec timer on a mirrorless? DSLRs have massive flapping mirror induced shakiness where mirrorless does not. If you worried about your finger touching shutter button induced shakiness, there is shutter cable or remote, or a thing called phone app. And the quick adjustment "advantage" during timer is down right laughable. if steadiness is high on your priority, I can't imagine you would accept a fat finger spinning the adjustment wheel during the 2second timer. Seriously?

  9. Coffee Brew

    On the old Nikon cameras, the auto bracketing button was the function button. D200, D300, D700, etc. Not sure when it changed. I guess the D750

  10. Ashwin Kumar


  11. Martin Sarre

    Is the image quality any better on the z6 and is it better in higher iso than the d750? Or no difference

  12. Paul Aquipel


  13. Mark Shirley

    Makes me feel good about not moving from my D750 to a Z6. 😁

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