5 Building HACKS You Didn't Know in Minecraft! (NO MODS!)


  1. Iqra Sheikh

    I was like wow so much dislikes

  2. Hafsa Limbada

    Thumbnail: Parrot stuck in glass
    Me: RIP parrot #23000000

  3. Xcrafter X

    Cooooool dude

  4. Kenhhfuhfty vhfhshfCana

    And the chess game

  5. Kenhhfuhfty vhfhshfCana

    I also like the bird thing

  6. Kenhhfuhfty vhfhshfCana

    I like build 1

  7. benji boy gaming

    what happened to the volume when u were making the ship

  8. Ferris

    YOU MUTED YOUR MIKE!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Dybstepdylan 22

    You have to be a legit dumbass to ask for dislikes

  10. Brianna Marshall

    When I built the parrot one it did not stay in the glass.

  11. Alex

    Me too molly novak, I couldn’t here anything

  12. Kay and Kai

    The cool thing about the parrot one is you get to use different colour glass


    Ok 4:38 i have a bad feeling about this but why not minecraft for ever

  14. Cloudiix Cotton

    Actually I'm a champion of chess in our school hahaha I'm a girl btw

  15. Random stuff btw Say hi

    I got the blue parrot on meh first try (͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

  16. Random stuff btw Say hi

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  17. Tanha Mahjabin


  18. omg JOSH

    More vidoes ☺

  19. Zoey Keller

    What about a tablet

  20. Lqmn hkim.

    my parrot die??

  21. Ray Miller

    No one could hear you while you were doing the viking ship

  22. brett williams

    But I think everyone is smart…

  23. Jack Pytlik

    his voice cut out

  24. Naleah Porter


  25. gacha_cookie boiii

    Who else checked the comments to see if it was him

  26. gacha_cookie boiii

    Uh mk I don't know if it was me or him so….

  27. Izhan tiktok

    You turned of the adio

  28. Brittany Segura

    You killed it

  29. Kim Aroi

    Wow I'm amaz

  30. akbucheger

    What the heck? Why didn’t we hear you?

  31. Bax Audio Visual

    i dont even think hes knows his mic was not working probally

  32. Bax Audio Visual

    lol its muted

  33. joel faoliu

    How do you get the food out of the thing

  34. MusicLover TV

    Make a tv design

  35. Maal Ali

    Minecraft seems cool but I don't know how to download this app

  36. Miyuki Lat famaly Rallos

    Why did you kill them they look beautiful just the way they are but I forgive you😇😇😇😇😇😇😢😢😢😢😢😢👍❤

  37. Foxy Playz

    Was it just me or did he stop talking for the Viking ship and outro

  38. Carol Ward

    Eystreen when your doing the boat you voice cuts out

  39. Khairul Abidin

    Killer parrot

  40. Cami Manning


  41. Tia Pozzuto

    nobody can hear you when your making the viking ship!

  42. Southsiders 123

    I had to leave five likes

  43. Nico Thibert

    0:06 you had your voice double.

  44. Kurt Wayne Fabro

    I like your build eystreem like if eystreem build are amazing

  45. Hussain Jack

    Wow nice bro

  46. Emjei Olleinne Edulian

    I like your video

  47. Scotlynn Erwin

    I love these hacks I tried them as I was watching the video!
    Keep making these awesome hacks!

  48. Tangle The Fox

    all i hear is minecraft 12:31

  49. brianna Compton

    I was in a mood to hack Minecraft lol

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