[4K] Japan Airlines Business Class Review – Boeing 787-8 – Sydney to Tokyo (Narita)

[4K] Japan Airlines Business Class Review – Boeing 787-8 – Sydney to Tokyo (Narita)

JAL Japan Airlines Business Class Review Trip Report Flight Report – Boeing 787 Dreamliner – Sydney to Tokyo (Narita) JAL business class Flight Review / flight report / trip report
Join be onboard as I review the Japan Airlines Sky Suite Business Class product in their 787-8 from Sydney, Australia, to Tokyo (Narita) in Japan.

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Flight: JL 772
Airline: Japan Airlines (JAL)
Seat: 3A
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, registration JA845J
Travel Class: Business

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  1. Vicky P

    I had such a wonderful experience flying with JAL. I will surely book my flights with them again. The seat was very comfortable. There is one unique function of the seat that nobody seems to mention, that is you can inflate the middle section to support your lower back. Even though it's a 2-2-2 layout, it is very private as the person sitting next to you is actually not sitting on a parallel line and the dividing screen can cover you completely in the upright position. The main meal was superb! I'd say go with the Western option even though the Japanese one looks nice. I had abalone and asparagus on my flight that day. The staff were really nice and the way they presented the food was meticulous. I did not get any jet lag at all after a 10-hour flight and managed to get a few hours of sleep. Also appreciate the beauty mask and the humidifying breathing mask so you won't look crap after a long-haul flight.

  2. Utareangara

    I upgraded to their premium economy is quite nice.

  3. Cherine Wiltshire

    Awesome video as always Paul, thank you …..👍🏻👍🏻✨✨

  4. Royal MC

    Hi Paul. It would be great if you clearly showed the menu prior to the food being served. Apart from that, well done.

  5. Mark Richmond

    That ‘medication stick’ is one of the best lip balms I have ever tried. Discovered it in Japan last year….readily available on the world wide inter webby thing 😀😂

  6. Emichan

    The medicated stick is lip balm (like carmex)

  7. Emichan

    Just wear the jacket sans shirt 😂

  8. Paul Lombardi

    How did you manage to film so well after all those drinks? 😂😂😂

  9. Graeme Cowan

    This is the full flat seat/bed for long haul correct? We have that from DFW to NRT.
    Then I think we have 787-8 with pseudo flat seat from HND to SGN. Is the 2-2-2 seating arrangement the same with private access for window seat?

  10. Joekuan悉尼李哥

    paul, this one how do you redeem??

  11. Paddy Man

    Personally, I don't like 2-2-2 seat configuration for long haul business class.

  12. workhardtravelharder

    Another great review Paul. I'm very jealous of your 'cup of coffee' haha! Safe travels!

  13. t3hwasabi

    7:11 You pulled a Dennis Bunnik there! A cardigan not pajama top!

  14. Min Lei


  15. Chiru P

    I like this video

  16. Matthew Selman

    Chem trails, special coffee. Love the laughs Paul. 😂 (JAL GiveAway)

  17. Benjamin Hayward

    Great review of the 788 with JAL . I'm flying there 789 in business later in the year should be good

  18. George Park

    Another brill review. I loved the the fact the ground crew waved as u were departing.Japan is on my bucket list for soon. P.S fantastic socks. Keep the videos coming 🙂 (JALGIVEAWAY)

  19. Finn Joey

    Flying this in a couple of days using Alaska points (JAL GiveAway)

  20. Mcnuggett 87

    Do you recommend pre requesting a western meal b4 the flight?

  21. Mcnuggett 87

    I love Japan and Japan airlines…doing this same trip in Feb 2020 in business very excited so I'm glad I got a taste via your video

  22. Shrimp Tank

    Tune into our channel to see some interviews with top CEOs!



  23. ThisorThat

    An if you could publish your Top 10 list vis airlines and their respective amenities, that would be awesome.

  24. ThisorThat

    Baked beans for breakfast is Wrong.
    Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

  25. James Hui

    (JALGiveAway) Well done Paul. I like your VLOG, simple and easy understand the Business Class of JAL. Hope I can fly with it one day.

  26. James Hui

    (JALGiveAway) Well done Paul. I like your VLOG, simple and easy understand the Business Class of JAL. Hope I can fly with it one day.

  27. ohnjay1973

    Great review, Paul,comedy is on point and no unnecessary info(#Sam Chui), coffee looked like a sneaky espresso martini 😏😏😏

  28. Samuel Louis

    (JALGiveAway) one day hopefully, I'll fly the dreamliner!

  29. Matthew Selman

    JAL Giveaway – love your morning coffee routine. Classly like myself.

  30. Hugh Rothwell

    Finally an international business class layout where I don’t have to have that awkward conversation with my wife about why we can’t sit together! #windowseatsaretheonlyseats

  31. HopeRehabCenterThailand

    I loved what you said BBC –

  32. Timathy Rawiri

    Yet another great watch Paul love your humor mate (JAL GIVEAWAY)

  33. John T

    JALGiveAway. Once again, you presented a simple, easy to understand and balanced recording of your inflight experience.. I am keen to fly with you.. SQ 222, , 2 Sept… See you on board.

  34. Anthony Kernich

    1/3 of the Qantas A380 fleet all in one spot, nice

  35. Rosa Davis

    Thank you for the great video!

  36. Claire McHardy

    Love the bow and wave!

  37. Setsuna

    10:59 A SkyTime Kiwi you mean?
    Wouldn't be beneficial to promote SkyTeam on a oneworld flight right? XD

  38. redbikerdude

    Great review Paul. Byron Bay comment – top notch.
    I flew JAL in J on a 787 earlier this year but missed the ground crew bowing; dang it.
    I thought the crane was simply decorative. lol.
    Loved the experience and service. Thanks for jogging my memory.

  39. James

    JALGiveAway Loved the video

  40. Robert Loughnane

    Great review as always Paul.

  41. James Roussell

    (JALGIVEAWAY) #weheartthegong

  42. S. Rocky Navarro


  43. Pritam Koli

    Five star coverage

  44. barnzstorm2036

    Hey mate, bring us back some lovely Japanese snacks along with the kit 😝
    Clear skies mate!

  45. AeroJ

    Hi Paul… what do you think about so few female Av-Geek Vloggers??? You
    post amazing reviews (always a joy to see you pop up in my
    notifications:) However you along with all my favs vloggers are all
    male!?! Why do you think this is?

  46. Ajay Bhatt

    JAL give aways

  47. Max Smith

    Try Air New Zealand It’s Great Considering Since I’m From New Zealand It’s Literally The Only Airline At Auckland Other Than Jetstar And The Occasional Qantas

  48. Cocky Rooster

    aaaaarrrrggghh….who else came here thinking it was a paul lucas video?………

  49. Inflewnzer

    (JAL Giveaway) Hi Paul yet another great report…eataduckamouse!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers Coops

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