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4 Ways to find REAL CLIENTS on Instagram | Breathe Your Passion with Vanessa Joy

E.4 of 10 Wk Marketing Course

Frustrated with Instagram marketing? It’s a great resource, but can be difficult to navigate. Learn not only Vanessa’s tips on how to get the right people to notice you, but hear from LA luxury wedding photographer Jana Williams about the three E’s, how to connect with planners and what to put in your bio.

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  1. George

    Very good and relevant advice, but my problem is time management. If You make photos all day, how can You create and edit daily all kinds of contents just for instagram? In my opinion, if You have enough work, then there is no time for such frequency.

  2. Michael Romeo

    Websites are just for verification now a days…. Blog is like film, dead. Instagram is the new website ( for millennials ) then they verify you by your website.

  3. opqrst7

    Bad strategy, wrong advise: I unfollow people or mute them if they inundate my feed only with their pictures and stories !!! Where you are located and what do you do are indeed good advise.

  4. Eric Slaseman

    Thanks for the information. I do agree with your view of websites. I seem to have more website visits from people outside of the USA, which doesn’t help me. I know I need to be more consistent with posting. One question… when looking for local hashtags, how do I research them. I just don’t see many hashtags used in my local area. I’m in Central PA, and most are for Philadelphia or Pittsburgh. I guess my local area is slow to use them.

  5. David G Fisher

    Last time it was "top of mind". This week it's "breathe your passion". Soon to come…."live your best life"……"live your truth" and……be "stunning and brave".

  6. Matsuzaki Yoshimoto

    meh, most of those wont work for me, i am kind of old, grumpy, dont like people much, minimum hashtags use…god, i hate this app…but i am there just for the sake of it. like , i am there whatever…

  7. Brendan Lawlor

    Thanks Vanessa, all the way from Ireland… I'm heading right over to instagram now to check out Jana's profile for some tips before updating my own insta bio.

  8. Mark Tom Photography

    I don't post consistently to my wedding photography IG account. This strategy (lack of?) has not worked well for me thus far. 🤔🤪

  9. Robbie Keene

    This video seems packed with really good advice. I think I came to Insta too late. When you say do this thing or do that thing I'm lost. I have no idea how to do 90% of what you suggest. I know all the hip kids know how to do all this stuff but I haven't got a clue. I have tried Googling stuff but it's hard to find clear answers and clear instruction. I realize I'm not this video's target audience but I think an instagram for dummies might be in order. Maybe once you get through this series you could make something like that. I can't be the only one that doesn't understand the basics of how to do things on Instagram. I'm enjoying this series though Vanessa! I just wish I could get a bit more out of it.

  10. maf36

    What isn’t working for me…
    Not having any social media other than youtube.
    Not having a niche “No Niche, Just Photography”.
    Only doing it for family, friends, and hobby.

    What’s working for me…
    Seeing the same things in a new way.

    Thank you guys for these videos!

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