34 Things You Missed In Midsommar (2019)

34 Things You Missed In Midsommar (2019)

Did you notice the mysterious runes hidden around the commune in Midsommar? Learn the secret + 33 more Things You Missed.
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Midsommar was a wild ride filled with visual metaphors, symbols, clues and secrets planted there by director Ari Aster. In this video I’ll be breaking down the meaning of the movie, talking about some of the major themes such as the solar cycle and the circle of life, analysing the visuals, such as the “tea” trips, the symbols seen around the village and more!

Who are “the ones” and what is their purpose? What was the deal with Pelle and why was he so interested in Dani and Christian? What is with the unclothed people? I (attempt) to answer these questions and many more in this episode.

At the end of the video I’ll be talking about the director, Ari Aster, and some of the trademarks seen in both of his films, but don’t worry, I’ll put a spoiler warning before I get into any of that!

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–About Midsommar–

From writer/director Ari Aster (Hereditary) and starring Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, William Jackson Harper, and Will Poulter. MIDSOMMAR — Now Playing.

–About Things You Missed–
These videos point out some of the little details you may have missed in your favorite psychological horror franchises, analyse their meaning and why they are important or noteworthy in that work. Typically, I’ll cover Things You Missed in horror movies, and Things You Missed in horror trailers.

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  1. Nova M.

    Is it me, or does Dani's eyes change colour throughout the film?

  2. Felicia Eliasson

    Did you know that the midsommar-tree they are dancin around is a symbol of a penis penetrating the ground to fertilize it (giving crops etc), a symbol since the age of the vikings. The ring in the trees is supposed to be balls.
    I am totally serious. I am Swedish, we have that freaking tree every year.

  3. dougspidermanhappy

    I noticed that Dani wears a dark shirt with small stars on it while at the land of the midnight sun. Underscoring that she didn’t belong there, until she finally gives into the cult.

  4. dougspidermanhappy

    The parents seemed like they were posed. I can’t figure out if the daughter did that after they succumbed to the gas, or were they part of the suicide plan? Probably the former, but given the situation….

  5. Naeira K

    I love how everyone says Pelle when its suppose To be pronounced PellE, the E is not silent

  6. Stella

    Dani and the other girl don't speak Swedish in that one scene where she says she doesn't speak Swedish. It's gibberish.

  7. grymhild

    Pel talked a lot about his family dying in a fire, I think they died as a sacrifice years earlier.

  8. bytesize0801

    How the fuck are these “things you may have missed” a lot of these are just lines that they very clearly say with cameras focused on them??

  9. Patrice Harris

    The naked people and naked old people was inspired by Rosemary's baby (great movie) also based on a cult. Ari was inspired by that movie!

  10. Ty Marcellus

    Someone probably said this, but I just watched this movie for the first time, and did anyone notice that the elder upon meeting Dani and her friends says hello to them all but to her specifically he says “Welcome home”!

  11. BR/NDO

    2:56 the captions knew what was behind the bleep

  12. countessarcadius Ty

    The painting at the beginning shows the WHOLE STORY… when they were driving in the car . .the 4hr drive….THEY SHOW THEM DRIVING UPSIDE DOWN NEANING EVERYTHING WILL UPSIDE DOWN AND NOTHING LIKE THEY KNEW IT … walking to the final place there were yellow flowers on the path like in THE WIZARD OF OZ.. THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD… the symbolism of them walking through the wooden CIRCLE IN THE TRIANGLE ..the circle in the triangle has something to do with the occult ….in MANY MANY MOVIES …
    When they arrive and the one man says welcome to everyone e he says to Dani…welcome home ….THEY KILLED HER FAMILY…

  13. Faheem Sardar

    the narrator / presenter makes sure he does not blink …

  14. Cannibal Friends

    CZ, shirtless: Movies use naked/shirtless people to scare the audience
    Me: gets startled bc hes shirtless

  15. yonasco14

    did anyone notice how when they were sitting at the table eating the pies, christian was the only one with a slightly pinkish drink supposedly because of Maya's period blood ?

  16. Caitlin Gale

    This should be entitled "34 things you saw- but i want to point out to sound smart". Lmao. Or maybe im just a GENUIS and just so happened to catch all of these (very obvious) things……lol

  17. Ira Dilaveraki

    Did I see a crop circle in the field when they are first driving there? once they pass the symbol the camera rolls over

  18. Huyền Vũ

    i don't know why they put chritian into the bear.

  19. Karla Hansen

    This might help with the runes, also when runes are put together, it is called a binding-rune, combining the runes

  20. Rosie W

    Stay away from cults, kids.


    Este mamaguebo iba a explotar si no se quitaba la camisa…

  22. solargh

    When the village places Dani on the pedestal and carries her toward the long table, in the long shot, Dani’s sister’s face is visible in the trees

  23. Shane Simpson

    The character names stood out to me.  Christian for obvious reasons, but also Mark and Josh are biblical names.  Dani could be seen as coming from Daniel, another biblical name who happens to be the one who survived after being thrown into a lion's den.

  24. Eden Duncan-Smith

    never put on a shirt again, thank you

  25. Ruth Bennett

    You are such a wonderful young millennial. Thank you for what good & sweet thing s you think & do in public.
    I LOVE this film. However, I sincerely wish all those with math skills to calculate that no village/community member lives past 72. Yet, this epic sacrifice in midsummer only happens every ninety years? One must think, hein?

  26. Jacob Lerg

    “Christ-EEE-an” Is this guy fuckin stupid???

  27. ThumbsLikeJesus

    This is the most surface level video on midsommar

  28. BlazingSerenade

    fun fact – the hourglass is two inverted triangles – the sword, representing masculinity, and the shield/cup representing femininity (the womb) and it represents the unity between man and woman

  29. luckyoct1013

    Naked people for scares citing “It Follows”, I guess you’ve never seen Rosemary’s Baby?

  30. Tako Tuesday

    I was imagining you with your shirt off and then I didnt have to imagine anymore. Thanks 😊

  31. aya winslow

    i’m strangely attracted to the host of this video

  32. Sara Blashill

    Överraskning rumpa sex

  33. Brittany Vest

    What's terrifying is you taking your damn shirt off.

  34. countessarcadius Ty

    the painting in Danis apartment is quite the foreshadowing ….

  35. countessarcadius Ty

    Dani asked about the food being cooked when they asked her to help
    ..the ince girl just said * MEAT* they had livestock…thry could have said ….beef…goat… etc…i think they were they EATING the guy that was in the chicken coop??? !!!! THE way his back was cut open…….

  36. Kenza Bouayad

    the first naked old people scare was definitely the shining

  37. Britanny Lichel

    Can someone explain the inbred kid?

  38. Lucy InTheSky

    Did anyone notice after Dani becomes May queen and the trees are “breathing” there is an image of a man in the trees. I’m sure it has no other meaning but I haven’t seen anyone mention it yet

  39. Chris Thomas

    I just watched it.
    I absolutely loved it. My favorite film this year, but I haven't seen joker yet.

  40. Govi

    Actually at 02:06 you're wrong, they leave the US after winter in late spring, some months after Dani's parents and sister died that winter.. 
    Both the US and Sweden are in the Northern hemisphere

  41. Shelby Banks

    The part at 7:20 had me rolling

  42. ragaire

    Who knows what will be happening after the end?!!!🤔

  43. Léon Noël

    I love the idea of this cult and the idea of going through stages of getting past trauma and a bad relationship. It's such a weird fucked up and clever way of showing a person realizing her strength and value, like when she becomes May Queen, finding emotional support with the group crying, then finding the strength to break up with a dysfunctional relationship that was draining and unhelpful.

  44. Thomas Wayne

    this is a shitty review

  45. 372HGS

    Chr-ish-de-on? What kind of pretentious accent is this?

  46. Bloodhound Town

    Sees a big cross: “Look at that giant phallus!”

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