2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Review — Cars.com

2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Review — Cars.com

The Jeep Grand Cherokee was first introduced in 1993, and now has one of the most diverse lineups of any vehicle in the market. We cover the interior, handling, dashboard, pricing, and more in our 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Review. What keeps this SUV so popular among consumers? Watch our video to find out.

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  1. malamri424

    the dash is not plastic, more of a rubberized composite

  2. Phillip Jenkins

    Plastic isn’t that bad. I personally think rubber tires that shine like paint is ugly. All plastic dashboards have foam underneath. If that foam “dry rots” it starts to crack which leads to a cracked dash. To remedy this problem all you need is baby oil. The baby oil soaks through the plastic and into the foam underneath, preventing any cracks. You can also use baby oil on your tires. They won’t shine like the paint job, but they won’t dry out and, with a good brushing beforehand, your tires will look like tires……..except real clean. Plus, baby oil is MUCH cheaper than armor all or other expensive “tire cleaners”.

    Just a suggestion. Try it a few times before you blow it off.

  3. Maciej Olejniczak

    Bring the ZJ back !!!

  4. Dave

    Seriously, I have been shopping SUV's for the past month. Please tell which non luxury Midsized SUV looks better ? 4runner looks good but a bit too boxy, New honda passport looks like a minivan with black rims, Murano is a curvy car that is raised and called an SUV, same with Subaru products they are station wagons lifted 2 inches.

  5. william phillips

    I love my limited X

  6. digitaldoc100

    Wonder if they fixed the 9 speed transmission that just likes to hunt for the right gear, and takes a while to downshift when you step on the accelerator pedal.

  7. Tajreen&Co

    Good review, but even better shirt!

  8. Yassir Alhamdnay

    Is its riding quality good? I think it’s not comfortable over a bumpy road, it’s so jiggly

  9. zuti071

    Diesel engine will be fine for me.

  10. John Grytbakk

    Looks good that's for sure. One of the best looking SUVs.

  11. Paul M

    Still the best in its segment that now includes the joke Blazer and front wheel drive based Passport and Murano. I still take Grand Cherokee over any of those competitors, though Passport is a solid entry.

  12. Johnson Taylor

    Just like a typical American product all bark and no bite. This unreliable junk will fall apart before you even make it home from the dealership.

  13. DevPack

    trackhawk is insane

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