【KnB】Doujinshi ♦Happy Birthday Kuroko Tetsuya♦


  1. Julian Alberto

    Es bellísimo >.<

  2. โทรุ อาไอซาวะ


  3. Najla

    Happy birthday Kuroko : )

  4. Star Yat

    Oh gods, adorable!!!!! This is as good as the OVA for Kuroko's birthday!!!!

    The way Takao just goes "Hey, it looks like fun!" And proceeds to drag Midorima along. Aomine is such an idiot. Hilarious!

    I feel so bad for the truck driver, he must be confused as hell. And they really are monsters, able to keep up with a truck like that.

    Kuroko pulls off his wondrous invisibility again!

  5. Victor Macatangay

    I'm laughing so hard😁😂😂😂😂

  6. loveless asakura

    Simplemente hermoso m encanto

  7. Zellacchan

    Its so Cute I wish this was On the real kuroko episode

  8. Levi Ackerman

    what the song?

  9. Serenity

    Really happy you decided not to put dialogue, easy to follow and i dont have to keep pausing so i can read the story. So cute

    sigh aomine is too easy to trick xD <3

  10. Matilda Nguyen

    Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and Kuroko no Basket …
    Nice XD

  11. Nia Rahma

    That was the best birthday… if that was me i'd cried

  12. Krystal Krypt

    MY DORKS ARE SO PRECIOUS! and im probably the only one who fangirled at the song played at 0:17

  13. EmryssyaoEizv

    I'm smiling grinning like that crazy Imayoshi because this is adorable
    ^________________________________________^        (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

  14. Cahya kasih Mutiara

    Yeess i agree aomine, is best

  15. Cahya kasih Mutiara

    Really funny..

  16. pink roses


    y yo estaba esperando que Akashi viniera de la nada y salvar el dia xD

  17. Kittenfur

    Sooo hectic just for a box of cake~ I can't stop giggling, they're just adorkable~ <3

  18. riko chan

    even though there was no dialogue, it was easy to understand n still incredibly sweet 🙂
    thank you for this clip 🙂

  19. Nicolchen84


  20. Rain Fur

    What is the song called?

  21. Tsukiyama'Saitama'Shuu

    Aomine one is the best! XD
    I love how kise tricked him! XD

  22. kyungmon

    too cute!! x3

  23. heavyDfriki


  24. mai a Starlight

    Kyaaaa kawaiiii >w< <3 <3 <3

  25. RemiliaIChooseYou

    Wow,this was so adorable!

  26. Puchita García

    me gusta mucho & esta muy tierno
    yo también amo Sekai & sus canciones
    me sacaron una sonrisa en verdad & más cuando se sonrojo
    >w< ternura al mil minna san

  27. Sam Kay

    I love how The Seirin Basketball team keeps running into the GoM and grabbing them to chase after a truck!!! XD But the best part was when Kise tricked Aomine~ XD ❤❤❤ 😃

  28. sofia ayala

    es tan tierno jeje !!! y aomine por una chica jaja muy bueno =  )

  29. Luna Lattaro

    Te gusta mucho Sekaiichi ¿no? creo que en los vídeos que he visto hay canciones de ese anime 🙂 a mi me gusta mucho el ending de la 1ra temporada XD

  30. Sabrina Beaudoin

    C'est amusant! x) <3

  31. YokoFujioka

    ahhhh oh my gosh this is adorable, i'm so glad i watched this first thing in the morning because this totally made my day > w <

  32. Lety Aisha

    xDD que gracioso!! todos fueron arrastrados! incluso midorima-kun xDD 

  33. Hiroki Hayato

    Jajaja estuvo genial

  34. Mitsuki Akashi

    awwwwwwwwwwww SO CUTE!! <3

  35. Chante Loup

    hahaha this is the best 😀 I bet that truck driver is so confused hahaha

  36. sydneyhewajima

    As cute <3

  37. kurama kun

    es el doujinshi mas tierno y hermoso que he visto, gracias por subirlo, espero subas muchos mas de kuroko n///n

  38. Rossvela

    xD jajajaja que lindo

  39. Yujiko NAD

    Es el video mas tierno, dulce y hermoso que hayan visto mis ojos
    Esta hermoso felicidades por tu estupendo trabajo.

  40. YuukaPhanomhivE8

    Gracias ^-^

  41. Gise Barrionuevo

    que genial xDDD

  42. Ally G.N

    Aomine LOL
    lindo el vídeo arigato arigato por subir siempre vídeos de knb

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