《FUNNY》 Running Man 런닝맨|예능 최초 하니 VS 송지효 수면대결 '한 잠 하는 그녀들' EP407 20151129


  1. Tsoi Kernel

    Both ladies that is the realest among Korean industry

  2. jj p

    Sleeping beauty🌹

  3. Sreelexmi Sai

    At 2:32 the way heechul looking at Hani is so lovely …he wants her to win…my heeni 💓 i love their friendship

  4. M K



    I've just looked into clips with this ep in running man, can someone tell where to watch the whole episode?

  6. nni priVAsi

    actually u cant just waking up ppl like dat… hes a doctor isnt? why he dont understand? its not goodlol

  7. Stan talent Stan EXID Meow

    Hani 💓 I love you 😘

  8. Gabs L

    Omg what episode???? Pls reply

  9. Danger


  10. Dwi Lestari

    Eps 275 not 407!

  11. Stan talent Stan EXID Meow

    Sleeping contest haha

  12. Stan talent Stan EXID Meow

    I just love Hani so much

  13. kpopfreak17

    And she is still much prettier than me. Life sucks TT

  14. EXID Hani

    Hani oppa😘😘😘😘

  15. Anonymous Fox

    Why is this in my suggested?!

  16. Mayalyc


  17. Natasha Nassar

    Which ep?

  18. rwan wattd

    What is the episode ?!

  19. Yuhuu Yuhuu

    Jongkook concert in KL in March!!! OMG! Can’t wait

  20. Flirtatious Meow

    I think jihyo was slept at first but she felt uncomfortable But hani was in REM mode first. We can look from jihyo's eyes which turn into red but hani's eyes were still in shape.

  21. Ha na

    They should have asked me to volunteer. I could even sleep while standing

  22. Trish Ariff

    Gosh. Am I the only one who fall asleep after 2 hours on bed..?

  23. conan shinici

    7012 forever😄

  24. Siska Anissa

    Hanii,my eonni

  25. Nawal dangcal

    What episode is this?

  26. Christian Chim Chim

    Ep ad???

  27. chanapa meen

    Sub please~

  28. trang đỗ

    Tập bn??

  29. Sarika Buendicho

    yokshi.,! #hani👍🏻

  30. layn Mimbala

    Hani was able to sleep because she was tired because of her comeback and needs sleep while Jihyo sleeps everywhere she is.

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