✔ Minecraft: How to make a Double-Decker Bus


  1. Magma

    Hi, welcome to the comments! <3

    I just want to say another thank you to everyone translating. If you want to join, you can do so here: https://goo.gl/tb7V8i

  2. Мир кота Баксика

    2:40 HAHAHAHAH!!!

  3. Marion Borg Muscat

    This was really helpful for my dying light map in minecraft

  4. Agustin Mongelos


  5. Blue_ Gamer 1000

    Instruction's unclear, I ended up copying a overused comment

  6. Nyan Min


  7. john newbury

    When you said that its you again that was a bit rude and you have got a million because of us

  8. Loølabunu -

    Undertale? QwQ

  9. CLT 123

    Subscribe to my channel now please

  10. Erick

    Thank You Friend

  11. TheSpaceSkeleton


  12. Tinh Nghia


  13. jeb_ dreemurr

    2:38 The Angry Cactus Strikes Again!

  14. nub nugget

    Sounds like undertale music

  15. Jay Mir

    Try to make another London bus video but make the bus the nex bus

  16. Sumaya MəhəmmədƏli qızı


  17. Brad Pendergast

    MagmaMusen : I’m really proud of the design I’ve come up with. Me : I’m proud of the your channel cuz it’s me favorite :D. Smart move Magma Musen ya said welcome to the comments! xD Love it

  18. Britain _Roblox

    Everything in England is weird.

  19. China Nahata

    Team Việt Nam đâu hết rùi

  20. Captain 3000

    The angry cactus dealt a half heart of damage. its not very effective

    turn capions on and you see this at 2:37

  21. Shadow Coyote

    I remember when I was little, my mom and dad always took me and my brother to this ice cream place next to Slaughter Lane, and while we wait for the ice cream, we always would grab some chalk from the bucket and start drawing on an old double-decker bus. I really miss that place, and I'm sad that it closed down years ago. Good memories… Especially with my dad… Rest In Peace, Dad. I love you.

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